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Still think this man does not love Binv

Le 27 December 2013, 04:18 dans Humeurs 0

Still think this man does not love Binv About love, know and do not know about, it seems to seesaw helpless. Every man is selfish, every woman too, otherwise there is no existence of love, maybe this movie, he is really not enough to understand him, maybe the last one he did not give a woman the opportunity to choose, but sometimes maybe God gives a person something really very limited, such as this man, like death, like the landlord said, never really deserves this girl. But I saw him sitting in the car hesitated, tears are streaming out, and I really have not experienced life and death, but I know a woman in love with a man selfish but, at that moment what will make choices. I know that maybe he was very awkward, but he really is the last day to try to do their best. His stupidity is God's punishment for him, but his dedication and courage is his own inner struggle. If you say the girl ought to have better one. Then you will understand why the last girl crying into that. That was her angel, flightless bird. stupid, but really love her. 20090409 17:24:34 I also was standing a little whale sensitive pet too hurt by men over women's perspective you're really too demanding for men man or a man's way of doing things only in certain moments can be completely performance Earth people tell that he loves her can not tell if I believe that you do not understand a man Alange & Sohne Watches can not just ask for man to understand a woman ah If so I also think that this woman is really useless heroine is to look out so it is still always love men Even the rhetoric protagonist unlimited endorsed. ================================================== Indeed landlord ideas are too extreme, maybe just because you used to be pet loved it. So you've forgotten how Burberry Watches to stand in someone else's perspective you to be the problem, the same, you have forgotten how to love others. Every director wants to express are different, maybe I do not have the same can not fully understand, but if you are into the drama points to the actor's situation to think about the problem, you will find that you can do, it can only so, that is the real love, not completely in accordance with your mouth called heroine want. ps, the same, I feel in love with each other because the same actress, so she saw it, she is a person know how to love, so she simply does not exist in your mouth say disappointed, because love one another is the greatest happiness is not not love, that he has not learned how to love. On that day, he was very hard to learn to love it. So in the end, when he told actress said, is that you taught me to love and be loved not everyone is good at giving, even if it may not be done well determined, because each person's growth process different end their lives enough to express his mind. ps: when the heroine finally cried blast a: It's so easy for me to love him when I cried. Short remote is very different, for the actress, her love expressed very natural, but perhaps the man does not have this ability, but he is very hard to do. So, even if there is any dissatisfaction, forgive him. Some people pay a hundred percent, only 60 points masters of the city, you are free to move to another express personal opinions chirp crooked can not allow you to slander others who think you have the ability to point to the logic can show you how careful thinking ah yes sacrifice IWC Watches their lives to be able to love a man to make such behavior but individual behavior is based on two premises: first, regret before a woman is not good enough on their own; Second, the epiphany is his dying woman. So he chose to replace this woman die. In both perform under pressure does not move out of the dead is purely love, more guilt and helplessness. Could have done well before their own consciousness or continue to do so on their own woman die? It's still play anything. Screenwriter sure to let him die, it does not mean love. I can not say I know what love is, but this piece in my eyes very fake very contrived. Again, different understanding of normal, but the ban imbecile vilified. Thank you!

Stimulate automobile consumption tax Deal Shanghai large displacement car imports rose 150,000 figure overnight

Le 27 December 2013, 04:18 dans Humeurs 0

Stimulate automobile consumption tax Deal Shanghai large displacement car imports rose 150,000 figure overnight Overnight, the adjustment involves cars, luxury watches, cosmetics and other commodity markets reactions were part of the large displacement high price of imported cars surged 150,000, luxury watches dealers have begun to worry that taxation will further widen and Hong Kong market spreads, leading to the introduction of only one day churn messages, Shanghai imported car dealers will be busy with some urgent adjustments quotation sheet: Zenith Watches displacement of 4.8 liters of BMW X5 from 1.15 million yuan soared to 1.3 million from 1.15 million Mercedes-Benz S500 also yuan soared to 130 million. A dealer exclaimed: I had known so quickly adjust the consumption tax, the goods into a little more than doubled to earn. Meanwhile, dealers are not in stock frustration that would have to wait after the introduction of a new car, comprehensive GC Watches re-pricing of excise Paul Picot Watches duty factor According to the latest GST implementation rules, to be taxed luxury watches is defined as more than 1 million. Yesterday, at the Nanjing East Road Vacheron Constantin store, a management staff of anonymity, said the excise tax will eventually reflect the market retail price, the current retail price of domestic high-end watches have been generally 15% higher than in Hong Kong, levy tax and Hong Kong markets, spread widening, I am afraid some customers would drain to Hong Kong to be included in the scope of taxing high-end cosmetics, skin care products, the consumption tax rate went from 8 to 30, will face significant pressure on prices. Although the definition of such products not yet clear, but L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble and other international cosmetics giants have said that the Ministry of Finance will pay close attention to the follow-up documents, according to the specific circumstances of each brand whether the price adjustment of course, not only are up Price of the bad news, the displacement 1.52.0-liter mid-range sedan consumption tax adjustment will not be affected, and economic cars due to the consumption tax by 2 percentage points, to stay out of the thousand or so the market price space. Shampoo, toilet water and the like skin and hair care products to cancel eight of the consumption tax, it makes consumers buy cheaper consumer goods full of expectation.

Stocks only 8 year 100,000 principal

Le 27 December 2013, 04:18 dans Humeurs 0

Stocks only 8 year 100,000 principal Buy gold bullion: Beginning cast one million yuan, and now earn 160,000 yuan this year, has been slowly rising gold market also experienced a rose fell. January 24, the Shanghai Gold Exchange gold bullion price 295.30 yuan / gram, to July 8, the price is still 322.60 yuan / gram, and by August 24, the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the price of gold bullion rose to 386.15 yuan / g, August 25, big fell to 368.30 yuan / gram. August experienced the ups and downs of an after December 10, the Shanghai Gold Exchange gold bullion price 355.20 yuan / gram. The first investment in gold bullion to lose hundreds of thousands. August 25 this year, the investor Mr. Zhang 365 yuan / gram price reluctantly flesh will be in the hands of 10,000 grams gold bullion expected to acquire institutional shot. And these bars a week ago that he had just 374 yuan / gram price of the acquisition, Mr. Chang told reporters that he had previously been investment property, starting in 2008, that is no longer the hot property investment and therefore part of the property will be shot, the recovery of funds . I do not know, after the recovery of funds to reinvest something good, August to see when gold prices rose so dramatically, without considering clearly blindly invest. Zhang said, on August 24, the price of gold material recycling or 389 yuan / gram, then do not sell themselves endured, like other rose to 400 yuan / gram then sell. But the next day, the price fell to 365 yuan / gram, straight down 24 yuan / gram, so the crash disrupted his plans. After the analysis of the industry, I think 365 yuan / gram of gold is also a high point, so lose money shot. Zhang told reporters that he had wanted to wait to give when the price of gold to buy at the low back, but the other just wait until now, has been slow and Mr. Zhang did not dare enter the market at the beginning of Lee's friends when the principal with one million yuan investment in the gold market, bought about 3200 grams of gold. Lower price volatility, Mr. Lee did not sell the gold, but hold. Until now, there are about 1 g $ 50 gain, calculate is earned 160,000 yuan it! Lee said that if the price of gold does not continue to fall, then their earnings or good a gold recovery agency responsible person revealed The agency currently reception among investors, there is a loss of the majority of small investors to follow suit, while doing long-term investors are basically profitable. The agency official said, now, generous customers start buying gold bullion rare, more investors to buy gold bullion concentrated in 500 g, 1000 g, this segment positions similar to stocks in batches relatively easier way diluted Cost Share watches price rising three times within six months Chow investment Richard Mille Watches books Buy watches: Beginning 72,000 yuan purchase, now rose to 90,000 yuan. June 22 万元 purchased, now rose to 260,000 yuan this year, the price of gold rose, hot money into the collection table market, gold watch, limited edition, and the old version of watches and other second-hand watches prices climbing higher and higher. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, the world's first-line watches prices rose more than 30%. Investment hand watches Chow told reporters that the price of second-hand watches annual increase remained at about 6%. And since last year, an investment in their own watches prices had been rising for three times, the overall gain in nearly doubled. In 2002, I spent 190,000 yuan purchase of a watch, is the world's top ten brands of watches was also thought to buy time to invest, but not willing to wear, it has been placed. Chow told reporter, to 2006, this rose to 220,000 yuan table, the first half of this year, with the price of gold soaring, hot money into the market, the stock market this Cartier Watches table rose to 600,000 yuan straight Inspired Fake Panerai Watches by this incident, Mr. Zhou started to invest in watches. Earlier this year, his 72,000 yuan purchase price of a new second-hand watches ninety - five. Up to now, this watch has reached the closing price of 90,000 yuan. In addition, in June this year, Mr. Zhou also to the 220,000 yuan counters in shopping malls bought a watch. This brand of watches in August, September, November, prices have gone up three times, and now my piece of sheet prices could reach 26 million yuan. Mr. Zhou introduced. Reporter Sun Jianen

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